Gilad&Gilad is a privately owned, health science company with unique competency in Neuroscience. The principal mission of the Company is to develop innovative solutions and to market evidence-based safe and effective products of superior quality for healthy bodily functions. Products of For-Nerve-Health (TM) line promote healthy nervous system functions, thereby providing for a good quality of life. Gilad&Gilad is engaged in conducting several clinical trials to substantiate the effectiveness of G-Agmatine in other aspects of nervous system functions such as mood health and motor control health.

Further research activities are presently aimed at developing Agmaceuticals- a series of products containing G - Agmatine - for promoting healthy functions of additional bodily systems, including: glucose metabolism, skin structure and function, cardiovascular performance, kidney activity and more.

Gilad&Gilad strive to build trust and credibility for the brand based on continuous investment in scientific research and development. It's products are backed by solid scientific evidence and sound clinical studies. This is the 'Gilad&Gilad Principle' that earns the trust of healthcare professionals.

The ingredients and products of Gilad&Gilad are tested, manufactured, packaged, stored and re-tested under cGMP conditions in accordance with the US highest quality standards and regulations governing the industry. Gilad&Gilad contract manufacturing facility operates under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cGMP regulations and is licensed and certified by the State of California, Department of Public health, Food and Drug Branch.