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Extended Health

Extended Health has been providing quality natural dietary supplements for over 10 years to doctors and their patients. In today’s busy society, stress is one of the main causes for a variety of health conditions, including cardiovascular problems, lowered immunity and digestive issues. All of Extended Health products help support your body’s natural ability to handle stress and promote health and well-being. Each formula is made using the latest in scientific discoveries and all natural, certified organic products.

Extended Health offers probiotics specially formulated for children as well as adults. Each probiotic formula is wheat free, egg free, soy free, yeast free, salt free, corn free and contains no artificial color or flavors to ensure you and your loved ones do not experience allergic reactions. The digestive support formulas are vegetarian and are made with a proprietary blend of ginger, marshmallow root, and slippery elm. Extended Health offers organic Goji berries and a variety of organic herbal tea formulas to relieve stress, improve immunity and help with weight management issues naturally.

Extended Health products are manufactured in a certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility using the strictest protocols. The raw materials used in each formula are carefully sourced through local farmers from around the world. Each ingredient is harvested in native forests or farmed without using pesticides to ensure you get a pure, effective formula. Extended Health's products are manufactured using minimal processing to ensure that you receive maximum therapeutic benefits in each dose. Extended Health employs indigenous farmers using fair trade practices.

Extended Health has helped doctors treat their patients for a plethora of health conditions. Stress is known to cause many health problems. From cardiovascular systems to digestive systems, Extended Health offers solutions to increase longevity, promote healing and relieve the symptoms associated with stress. Vita Living offers Extended Health products at affordable prices.