Evolve Nutrients


Evolve Nutrients

Evolve Nutrition is based on an evolutionary biology perspective, commonly called Paleo, Primal or Ancestral nutrition. Evolve Nutrients is revolutionizing the supplement industry with the industry-first, patent-pending NanoSphere delivery system and advanced line of NanoSphere gels. Researchers and scientists with Evolve Nutrients’ parent company, NanoSphere Health Sciences, LLC, have invested over 20 years in the research, technology and development of the patent-pending delivery system and potent formulas. Its Evolve Nutrients formulas are designed to increase vitality, enhance system balance, and are tailored to meet specific needs of health-conscious individuals.

Evolve Nutrients’ nano-sized particles deliver specific vitamins, minerals and super-nutrients directly into the bloodstream and cells for the most rapid and effective results. The unique NanoSphere delivery method requires no fillers, binders or other additives, ensuring that only pure, essential nutrients and desired therapeutic ingredients are included. Because of the application of nanotechnology, Evolve Nutrients deliver the most cost-effective solutions, while remaining committed to products that are consistently pure, convenient and safe.

Evolve Nutrients has created its own nutrient and pest management program specifically for cannabis. The organic colony method provides plant with the nutrients needed. The procedure creates an environment within the growing medium where the beneficial soil organisms can multiply and provide the plants with a steady flow of nutrients.