Erba Vita


Erba Vita

Erba Vita, founded in 1982 by Dr. Carlo Bollini, produces a full line of men’s, women’s and children’s healthcare products. Erba Vita is Italy’s leader in herbal medicine and nutraceuticals. Erba Vita produces weight management products, stomach aids, immunity boosters and relaxation products. Their formulations come in both liquids and capsules to make it easy to take their products. Whether you are looking for products for yourself or a child, Erba Vita has you covered. Their weight management products help you lose weight and maintain your weight once you have reached your goals. Their tummy formulas relieve common tummy troubles in both adults and children.

Erba Vita offers men, women and children the best nutraceuticals Italy currently has to offer. Currently, millions of people in 30 countries depend on their excellent products for improved health and healing based on nature. Erba Vita constantly searches for scientific discoveries using natural ingredients to increase your overall health and longevity. Their unique and effective formulas are developed through clinical tests and university research organizations to provide you with effective herbal supplements.

Erba Vita rigorously inspects and tests each ingredient before production to ensure they are safe and pure. Using strict controls, every raw ingredient is assayed prior to acceptance. Erba Vita is a certified manufacturer that meets and exceeds the dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices. This means that quality inspections are completed during each step of the manufacturing, resulting in a high quality nutritional supplement.

Erba Vita guarantees the quality and integrity in each of their nutraceutical products. New developments in extraction procedures, aggregations and titrations of key ingredients help ensure maximum therapeutic herbal remedies. Millions of Erba Vita users benefit from the latest scientific discoveries in healthcare and nutraceuticals. Each product is uniquely formulated to provide health and longevity in Erba Vita’s users.