Detox Rx


Detox Rx

Dr. Gloria Gilbere and Lake Louise Ziwa founded Detox Rx to provide you with nature’s prescription for overall health and wellness. The company offers detoxification formulas using all natural ingredients, including psyllium husk powder, sea kelp, botanicals and bladderwrack. Each formula helps improve circulation, aids in weight loss and helps to detoxify the digestive system. Detox Rx’s formulas are formulated with your health in mind and promote the immune system by offering cruelty-free all natural ingredients. Each effective formula is comprised of pure, organic ingredients to promote health, improve vitality and increase longevity.

Detox Rx offers a complete line of formulas made with organic ingredients to help you detoxify your body naturally. The company’s many formulas utilize organic ingredients to remove toxins, promote regularity and improve heart health. The complete line of products helps lower cholesterol, improve cardiovascular functions, regulate blood sugar, and help with digestive woes.

Detox Rx provides high quality supplements using the latest in nutraceuticals. Each ingredient is assayed to ensure it does not contain toxins or heavy metals. The certified organic manufacturing facility utilizes the latest technologies to produce detoxifying formulas you can trust. No herbicides or pesticides are used in the company’s line of products designed with your health in mind.

Detox Rx offers a complete line of detoxification supplements comprised of natural botanicals, herbs and minerals necessary for a healthy intestinal tract. Each of the company’s formulas helps improve blood flow, break down cellulite and other toxins trapped in the body. Detox RX supplements help stimulate your body’s elimination functions, increase metabolism and circulation. The company seeks to provide formulas that help with connective tissue elasticity and fluid retention. Detox Rx uses USDA certified organic ingredients in the company’s formulas. The green company helps protect the environment by using organic ingredients, using recycled packaging materials and practice water conservation.