Crayhon Research


Crayhon Research

Crayhon Research, Inc. was founded in 2003 by nutritionist, educator and author Robert Crayhon. It was created in order to increase the awareness among health professionals of the clinical effectiveness and scientific evidence supporting nutritional medicine and other natural therapies.

The advantages of natural therapies are many-fold:

  • They empower the patient to be a part of their own healing process and to feel responsible for and connected to their own health
  • They are more likely to get to the cause of illness than current drug-based medicine
  • They prevent and treat a wide range of ailments whose symptoms are currently only partially ameliorated by standard medicine
  • These natural therapies have substantially less side effects, are less toxic, and are much less likely to be debilitating than the therapies used by standard medicine
  • They are significantly less expensive than many of the standard drug and surgery-based procedures, and therefore will help reduce the burden of rising health care costs on individuals and our economy
  • They are much less toxic for our environment

    Crayhon Research believes that there is something called optimal health that is more than the mere absence of disease. We believe that optimal health is a goal that is worth achieving. We believe that optimal health is the best defense against degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and almost all chronic diseases. We believe that no one nutrient, lifestyle parameter, or diagnostic marker can match the overall disease protective power of achieving overall optimal health.

    We believe that the road to optimal health is a highly individual one. The diet or nutrient therapy or herb that may make one person healthy may make another person sick. We all need an individual program to make and keep us healthy.

    We believe that genetic testing should be employed where possible so that people can receive genetically-tailored nutritional and botanical programs to help them overcome any tendencies towards disease that they may have due to their genetic polymorphisms.

    We believe that any form of healing has both strengths and weaknesses. There is no one form of healing that is inherently better than any other. We believe that integrating the many systems of healing that now exist is the greatest calling of medicine today. Only the successful integration of all healing systems from drug based, to nutrition, to botanical, to mind-body medicine will allow patients to reach their maximum health potential.

    Crayhon Research hopes to encourage the use of natural therapies in two ways:

  • By offering educational seminars and other educational materials for health professionals
  • By offering a line of high quality nutritional supplements which are made available through health professionals