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  • Pro Symbiotics ColostrumPro with Immulox Powder 21 oz Pro Symbiotics ColostrumPro with Immulox Powder 21 oz

    Dietary Supplement Professional Strength PROSymbiotics ColostrumPRO with Immulox is the preferred choice of physicians worldwide. ColostrumPRO with Immulox enhances normal immune factors, providing dual action – in the bloodstream and in the digestive tract, to help maintain a robust intestinal lining and promote healthy intestinal flora.* Colostrum’s naturally occurring growth factors may enhance stamina and support normal re-growth of lean muscle after strenuous exercise when consumed at the recommended level of 6 additional servings per day (total 7 servings).*Professional Strength PROSymbiotics ColostrumPRO with Immulox. This standardized, instantized powder, offers a high potency proprietary complex consisting of Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins, Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) and Immulox. The amount of Immulox found in all PROSymbiotics products is double the amount offered in the regular Symbiotics, our retail line. Immulox is Colostrum standardized to contribute a higher concentration of PRPs. PRPs are signaling proteins with amazing adaptability for immune modulation, considered to be the most important constituent in colostrum. Minimum levels of these components are verified by laboratory testing. Quality and Purity Assured. Collected exclusively from USDA Grade A dairies and only from first milking. Laboratory tested and verified free from pesticides, antibiotics and rBHT hormones. A truly natural product, our colostrum may vary in taste, aroma, consistency and color. Each bottle is double sealed for quality and safety. If either seal is broken or missing, do not use and call 1-800-421-1830. Close tightly and store in cool, dry place (below 75ºF), away from heat. Directions: Mix 3 g (1 scoop - included) with water or your drink of choice, on an empty stomach. For athletic training and recovery, or during times of environmental or physical stress, take up to an additional 6 servings per day. Supplement Facts Serving Size: (3 g) 1 ScoopServings Per Container: About 198 Amount per serving Calories 30Total Carbohydrates 1 g Sugars 1 g Protein 2 g Sodium 6 mg Calcium 15 mg Bovine Colostrum (Pasteurized Cow Pre-MILK) 3 g Immunoglobulins (IgG) 690 mg Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) 180 mg Lactoferrin 30 mg Other Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides, Sunflower Lecithin.CONTAINS: MILK Warning: If you have a physician-diagnosed health condition, consult your doctor before taking this product. Discontinue use if you experience adverse reactions and consult your doctor. *THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.


  • Progressive Labs Colostrum 500 mg 120 caps Progressive Labs Colostrum 500 mg 120 caps

    Colostrum is emitted from the mammary glands during the first 24-48 hours after birth. This thick, yellow substance is rich in nutrients and other important substances including immune factors that facilitate development of a strong immune system and growth factors, essential for creation and maintenance of bone, muscle, nerves, cartilage and other essential functions. While colostrum is essential for newborns, adults can benefit from it. After puberty, production of immune and growth factors begin to decrease. By age 60, the body secretes little or no growth hormone. Supplements of bovine colostrum supports the restoration of these declining growth and immune factors.   Suggested Use One to four capsules daily, or more, as directed by a health care professional.   Serving Size: 1 Capsule   Servings Per Container: 120   Amount Per Serving Colostrum - 30% Immunoglobulin (IgG) 500 mg   Other Ingredients: gelatin, vegetable lubricant   Warnings Pregnant and/or lactating women should consult their physician prior to use.Tamper evident band around cap and seal on bottle. Do not use if either seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.Contains: milk.


  • Now Colostrum 500 mg 120 caps Now Colostrum 500 mg 120 caps

    Rich in Immune and Growth Factors Each capsule contains: Colostrum - 30% Immunoglobulin (IgG) 500 mg. Other ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate. \n

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  • Now Colostrum 100% Pure Powder 3 oz Now Colostrum 100% Pure Powder 3 oz

    Dietary Supplement • Healthy Immune Function* • 100% Pure Powder • Rich in Immunoglobulins and Lactoferrin • Average of 25% IgG Antibodies • Genuine Whole FoodDietary ConsiderationsWheat FreeGluten FreeYeast FreeSugar FreeStarch FreePreservative FreeSalt FreeCorn FreeEgg FreeShellfish FreeServing Size:1 Teaspoon                                                 Servings Per Container:68                                                                                                        Amount Per Serving       Dried Bovine Colostrum 1.25 g  Other ingredients: Soy Lecithin (< 1%)                                                           SUGGESTED USAGE: As a dietary supplement, take 1 teaspoon 1 to 2 times daily as needed. Contains milk and soy derivatives. Contains no sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, egg, shellfish or preservatives. No Synthetic Growth Hormones. Store in a cool, dry place.


Colostrum Lactoferrin Products

Mothers are often encouraged to breastfeed their newborn. Colostrum and Lactoferrin are present in the first milk that babies consume from their nursing mothers. These two important substances cannot be manufactured in the laboratory and have to be extracted from natural milk sources. They contain anti-bodies that prevent babies from E.coli, salmonella, Candida and cholera.

The benefits of colostrums lactoferrin products are far reaching. Colostrum offers anti-viral, anti-allergic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial benefits for the first few months of a baby's life. Glutathione present in the colostrums acts as a major anti-oxidant preventing cancerous growth. It also promotes detoxification, wound healing and cell growth.


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