Collagen MD


Collagen MD

Collagen MD offers superior collagen peptide supplements and nutricosmetic products. Each formula is filled with skin nourishing ingredients, including vitamin B12, vitamin C, biotin, folic acid, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Each formula helps support healthy connective tissues and is easily absorbed into the body. Collagen MD supplements are manufactured in a USDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility. Each formula helps promote health and wellness throughout the body.

Collagen MD offers a complete line of high quality collagen nutricosmetics and supplements to promote healthy skin, nails, hair and connective tissues. Each pharmaceutical grade formula is comprised of naturally sourced collagen peptides. These formulas are ideal for nutritional support. Every formula contains therapeutic proteins that are easily digested and used by the body. The collagen found in Collagen MD supplements has been hydrolyzed for maximum assimilation. Collagen MD offers both neutral tasting powders and caplets to support, promote and maintain healthy connective tissues.

Collagen MD follows quality guidelines set forth by the USDA. Additionally, this Newport Beach, California nutraceutical company uses current Good Manufacturing Practices as set forth by the US FDA. Each raw material is assayed to ensure it does not contain toxins or heavy metals. Laboratory testing is performed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure purity, potency and effectiveness. Collagen MD performs final laboratory testing on each finished product and ensures each formula is properly labeled.

The high-end line of collagen products offers you a gluten-free, dairy-free way to get the nutrients your connective tissues require. Collagen MD utilizes pharmaceutical standards during the development and manufacturing of each formula to support nail health, joint health, skin health, hair health and connective tissue health. Collagen MD supplements do not contain dairy, soy, gluten, sweeteners, corn or fillers. Each formula offers nutrition in convenient, easy to use formulas.