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Biocidin Botanicals

Biocidin Botanicals

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  • Bio-Botanical Research Proflora4R Restorative Probiotic 30 caps Bio-Botanical Research Proflora4R Restorative Probiotic 30 caps

    Dietary SupplementRestorative Probiotic Combination *Remove • Replace • Restore • Repair Dietary ConsiderationsWheat FreeDairy/ Milk FreeGluten FreeSoy FreeSugar FreePreservative FreeFree of Artificial Colors/Flavors Serving Size:1 Vegetable Capsule Servings Per Container:30  Amount Per Serving Proprietary Probiotic Blend 3 Billion Spore Cells   Bacillus subtilis, HU58   Bacillus coagulans   Bacillus clausii   Quercetin (Dimorphandra mollis (fruit)) 100 mg  Marshmallow (Althea officinalis) root 100 mg  Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) 200:1 extract 2 mg   Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable capsule (cellulose and water)     Suggested Use: Take one capsule per day with meals or as directed.Contains no allergens such as dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, soy, preservatives, animal products, artificial flavorings or colorings.Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medication, or have any underlying medical condition ask a health professional before use. Store in a cool dry place.


Biocidin Botanicals Products

For more than a quarter of a century, Bio-Botanical Research has been furnishing clinically effective formulas. Each formula is free of common allergens, additives and artificial colorings, preservatives and flavorings. Only the purest botanicals are used in the company's formulas, and each supplement is formulated using strict quality control standards. The company's complete line of formulas helps improve health and vitality by providing your body with the necessary nutrients to sustain and enhance your overall health and well-being.

Bio-Botanical Research contains absolutely no artificial ingredients to protect you from side effects while improving your health. High quality components are used in each formula, and most formulas are comprised of organic and wild crafted ingredients. Bio-Botanical Research offers a plethora of clinically advanced formulas to help promote healing of the digestive tract, increase immunity and detoxify the body using pure ingredients straight from Mother Nature.

Bio-Botanical Research utilizes only the finest in raw materials in each of the company's formulations. Each ingredient is assayed for toxins and heavy metals to ensure purity. Additionally, every product comes with a certificate of analysis; so, you can rest assured that each batch is pure, potent and effective. The company is a certified Good Manufacturing Practices company and uses the American Association of Analytical Chemists standards to ensure it produces a high caliber product.

Since 1987, Bio-Botanical Research has been developing clinically effective formulas formulated with natural ingredients. The entire line of Bio-Botanical Research formulas utilizes essential oils and broad spectrum botanicals to promote health. Bio-Botanical has been formulating high quality botanicals based on modern scientific discoveries and clinical trials.

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