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  • Core Products Dual Pull Lumbosacral Belt Large Core Products Dual Pull Lumbosacral Belt Large

    - Superior Abdominal\nCompression Critical for Low Back SupportSupport and versatility\nmake this one of our most popular supports. Constructed with the highest\nquality plush elastic, this support features dual elastic side pulls and a 9”\n(23cm) high, reinforced, crisscross back panel for high compression and\nsupport. Flexible stays prevent sides from rolling. The soft elastic CorEdge®\nFinish around top and bottom edges offers added comfort and flexibility. White. SIZE \nHIPS Small28” - 32”Medium33” - 37”Large38” - 42”X-Large43” - 47”


  • Core Products Sitback Rest Lumbar Support Core Products Sitback Rest Lumbar Support

    - Promotes Proper Posture\nin Any ChairStaying seated for\nextended periods of time at the office or at home can lead to serious back\npain. Healthcare professionals know that sitting too long creates pressure on\nthe spine, distorting spinal curves and compressing discs. All of this can\ncause pinching of the nerves in the spinal cord, leading to numbness, tingling\nand back pain. Help protect and maintain proper spinal curve with any of\nour lumbar support cushions.\n This popular cushion made\nfrom contoured foam with side support wings provides medium to firm support and\nhelps keep you sitting properly. Use at home, office or in your car. Attached\npositioning belt keeps cushion in place. Available in Black. Standard covered\nin a durable cotton blend. 13” x 14” (33cm x 35.5cm)


Beauty and Personal Care Products

Natural beauty is easy to maintain using high quality, natural beauty and personal care products from Vita Living. Due to our daily personal care routines, we are exposed to a number of chemicals and toxic elements daily which have an adverse effect on the skin. Natural beauty products are the healthy alternative for the sensitive skin. Vita Living provides a complete range of organic and natural beauty and personal care products, also recommended by skin experts worldwide.

We have carefully selected our beauty and personal care products to ensure that they are free of petroleum products, hydrogenated oils, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate and other unnatural ingredients. This will help naturally enhance and ensure your health and beauty. In addition to fine natural products for hair and nails, remember to seek out natural skin care products, magnetic jewelry, bath and shower, and other personal hygiene products.

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Using natural personal care supplies isn't the only way to maintain a healthy appearance, however. Eating a healthy, balanced wholesome diet, drinking plenty of pure, filtered water and getting good rest and exercise every day will help keep you looking and feeling youthful. To be sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs, make use of our wide selection of all-natural supplements. Limiting excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking contributes to a healthy life. Be sure to manage stress well and make good use of herbal teas, beautiful music and meditation to calm your nerves and help you to relax.

The skin care products, shampoos, cosmetics, lotions, soaps, and many more products help to deal with all the skin problems, giving it a fresh & healthy feel. Wearing comfortably fitted clothing made of natural fabrics can have a remarkably positive affect on your health, well-being and overall appearance. There are many beauty care products on the market that it can be very hard to know how to choose. Take good care of yourself, and turn to Vita Living for the very best in all natural beauty and personal care products.

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