Amazing Grass


Amazing Grass

American Grass was founded in 2002 to provide organic green superfoods safe for the entire family. The company's goal is to help people live active lives through better nutrition. The products provide essential vegetable and fruit nutrition that is raw, delicious and organic. American Grass offers a full line of products that are certified organic and contain no GMOs. American Grass products are organic, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, Kosher and perfect for those who are vegans.

American Grass offers a plethora of products to help improve your health and increase longevity. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Raw Reserve offers you 25 billion live probiotics in a raw vegan powder filled with pirulina, sea vegetables and chlorella from the coast of Maine. Other products include their Green SuperFood ORAC, organic wheatgrass powder and Amazing Trio. Finally, Amazing Grass Meal offers plant based protein, rich in fruits and vegetables along with probiotics and digestive enzymes. Vita Living provides a wide variety of Amazing grass green foods at attractive prices.

Amazing Grass harvests their grass once a year right before it joints resulting in a gluten free product. The grass is cut and immediately moved to a low temperature dehydrator. The low temperature dehydration process allows the grasses to retain their maximum nutrient levels. After the grass is dehydrated, it is pressed into pellets to help reduce nutrient loss and oxidation. The pellets are frozen until ready for production. During the manufacturing process, rigorous quality controls methods are followed along with independent laboratory testing to ensure the products are nutritious and safe. Finally, the products are packaged in pharmaceutical grade containers filled with nitrogen and sealed air tight. All of these steps ensure the products you receive are fresh and nutritious just like the day they were harvested.

American Grass has been providing superfoods for over a decade. The company provides you with nutrition to help you enjoy life to the fullest while increasing your longevity. Each non GMO formula provides you with the nutrition to keep you going strong throughout the day.