Alacer was established in 1972 by Jay Patrick to provide high quality vitamin and mineral supplements. The company develops and manufactures the leading effervescent vitamin C drink mixes, along with innovative, nutritionally enhanced supplements to support a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Each formula is developed using the latest scientific and medical discoveries in nutrition. Each effervescent formula offers powerful antioxidants, thirty two minerals and a complete line of B vitamins in fifteen delicious flavors. Alacer supplements offer formulas to improve immunity, support heart health, increase flexibility and improve joint health by providing your body with the nutrients it requires.

The company utilizes natural fruit juice powders and flavors in each of its formulas. Each high potent formula provides you with the nutrients your body requires to run at peak efficiency. The effervescent formulas provide vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in delicious fizzy formulas. The liquid delivery system ensures you receive the most nutrients in every dose.

Alacer supplements are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility. The facility features a pharmaceutical grade water treatment system, dust collection system, central vacuum system and food grade air system to ensure a high quality product. The company's products do not contain high fructose syrup or MSG. The company does not use gluten during its manufacturing process to help protect you from allergic reactions.

For more than four decades, Alacer has been providing high quality vitamin and mineral supplements. Alacer has two manufacturing facilities; one is located in Foothill Ranch, California and the other is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Alacer supplements provide you with innovative formulas to support cardiovascular functions, joint mobility and immunity. Every formula provides your body with the foods it needs to improve wellness and overall well being.