Airbiotics invented and pioneered its patented StaBiotics- the concept of deploying safe environmental stabilizing probiotic protection against harmful indoor contaminants and allergens that can flourish indoors. Airbiotics works well for allergy sensitive or immune-compromised individuals.Airbiotics automated and modular systems are designed to distribute a unique probiotic vapor compound that eliminates the source of indoor contaminants and allergens.

Airbiotics uses probiotic bacteria as an Ecological Balancing Agent (EBA), based on a mixture of spores of the genus Bacillus.The probiotic compounds are produced only in Western European labs that adhere to the highest health standards and production processes.

    The Airbiotics cleaning line is proven to reduce allergies and remove pollutants from indoor air and household surfaces. Maintain a safe and sanitary indoor living space that won’t pose threats to you and your family’s health. With the use of Airbiotics, we will not only see a positive effect on our health, but also the world around us. Fewer toxins will be emitted into the air and water, leading to a healthier indoor and outdoor living space for all of us.