Access Medical Labs


Access Medical Labs

Access Medical Labs was founded in 2003 and is recognized for its advanced cardiac, endocrinology and microbial testing. This Gold standard research facility provides a complete line of saliva and hormone testing kits. The company utilizes Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry to provide accurate test results you can depend on. Access Medical Labs are licensed by the federal government and the state of Florida.

Access Medical Labs offer discreet testing for a plethora of medical conditions. Access Medical Labs test kits include an Advanced Cardiac Assessment that accesses your risks of developing cardiac problems. The Autoimmune Profile tests for a variety of autoimmune disorders, including pernicious anemia, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Access Medical Labs offer a comprehensive male and comprehensive female test to test for hormonal imbalances. The company's Respiratory Profile has two tests available. One is for those living on the West Coast and one living on the East Coast. This panel gives an overall view of your respiratory health. The company also offers a GI Distress Profile to help with the diagnosis of common gastrointestinal woes, including H. Pylori, diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Access Medical Labs utilizes the latest discoveries in saliva and hormone testing. The Access Medical Lab test kits are convenient, confidential and easy to use. The company employs the latest methodology to perform each laboratory test using state of the art lab equipment. Each member of the team has extensive training to ensure each sample is handled with precision.

Access Medical Labs has been providing advanced testing for cardiac, hormone testing, and autoimmune disorders. The company offers saliva testing to diagnose many of the common health problems. The company is a licensed laboratory that utilizes the latest in medical testing discoveries to provide you with fast, quality results you can depend on.